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Open Door Escape Games


Hi! I’m Angela and my husband Matt and I are the owners and creators of Open Door Escape Games. Matt is an assisting pastor at our church, Wildwood Calvary Chapel, in Yucaipa where he oversees the Junior High Ministry and the Sports Ministry. He’s outrageously hilarious, musically talented, handy, athletic in every way imaginable and an outstanding husband and a new dad!! As for me, I get to manage Open Door from home where I am a mom to our adopted daughter and look forward to growing our family as God provides. I’m also an animal lover, graphic designer and I’m passionate about marketplace ministry.

Over the past number of years Matt and I have played computer versions of escape games (yes we are nerds amidst the other things above) and once introduced to live escape game experiences we knew we had to be a part of it.

What started as one of those, “we have to do this,” conversations, has grown to a vision God has given us to be a light in DTR (Downtown Redlands, for you out of towners), to support world and local missions and to give families, friends, couples, businesses, and whoever else wants to play, an opportunity to do something different for a night out.

We love the challenge of escape games. To solve puzzles, work together and feel accomplished with each step. I love a good narrative and feeling like I’m immersed in the experience and Matt loves seeing how each room is unique and thought through … and we both love winning!

Together we have created a family friendly live escape game experience that will leave you feeling like a master escape artist that your team couldn’t survive without.

Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 11pm


909 281-9709

1440 Industrial Park Avenue


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