Tri City Shopping Center Redlands

KCAA Radio

KCAA RADIO is a successful, independently owned “stand alone” AM-FM News-Talk Station. The station is currently broadcasting on 1050 AM, 106.5 FM and 102.3 FM. Listeners can enjoy KCAA’s excellent line up of programs on all three stations.

KCAA has earned the reputation as the GO-TO radio station for local programming. The station produces and distributes more than 50 local and regional talk and music programs each week on subjects ranging from business and entertainment to liberal and conservative political talk to vegan diets, organic farming and the transition to marijuana legalization.

KCAA also airs the top syndicated broadcasters of talk radio including Dave Ramsey, Del Walmsley, Don IMUS, Gary Garver, Joyce Riley, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Joe Messina, Ray Lucia and the classic rock and roll shows produced 50 years ago by the greatest DJ of them all… “Wolfman Jack”. KCAA’s daytime signal on 1050 AM reaches over five million people.

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