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835 Tri City Center, Redlands, CA 92374

Crossfit Myriad


CrossFit Myriad is a licensed CrossFit affiliate. We opened our facility in 2014. Our facility is spacious and features weightlifting platforms,  jerk boxes, high quality barbells and bumper plates, a large Rogue rig, multiple squat racks, GHDs, Concept2 Rowers, Air Assault bikes, and various equipment including wall balls, kettlebells, sleds and prowlers, ropes, dumbells, plyo boxes, and much more. 

CrossFit Myriad is focused on client success. Our years of experience in strength and conditioning coaching, as well as our dedication to continuously learning and evolving in our practices, combine to develop proven programs that promote superior success with our clients. CrossFit Myriad strives to ensure that each member performs every movement safely and properly. Our workout programming is designed to maximize your health both inside and outside of the gym.